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5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Tutor
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Kanasha C. from Pine Bluff, AR Tutor with a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education - Tutor near Pine Bluff, AR 9415759

I was called to education through teaching Sunday School. As I taught, I found such joy helping them learn to pronounce words and comprehend the stories. So, I went back to school and obtained my Master's in Early Childhood in 2011.I have taught 3rd...

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Jordan T. from Pine Bluff, AR Software Developer with Computer Science Degree - Tutor near Pine Bluff, AR 9131572

My Name is Jordan. I graduated Henderson State University with a Bachelors in Computer Science. I am a software developer for Arkansas Children's Hospital. We currently use VB.NET/ASP.NET with a SQL backend. We currently use Visual Studio 2015. I love...

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Denisha B. from Pine Bluff, AR I look forward to working with new students - Tutor near Pine Bluff, AR 9363005

I am a third grade teacher at an elementary school in Stuttgart, Arkansas. I have also taught fourth grade Science, and Social Studies. I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, obtaining my degree in Early Childhood...

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Arkadia A. from Lake Village, AR Future Eagered Teacher - Tutor near Lake Village, AR 8425560

I am a recent college graduated from Delta State University. I am very dependable and looking to get experience in tutoring so I can further my career in teaching! I am available on a need basis, I will thoroughly work with all of my mentees in any aspect...

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Adrienne B. from Monticello, AR ESL, TOEL, IELTS Speech Pathology Student - Tutor near Monticello, AR 8580225

I am a 4th year Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education Speech Language Pathology student at Utah State University. I have completed extensive coursework in Linguistics, Phonetics, Articulation, Acoustics and Early Intervention. I have been a volunteer...

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Cassidy C. from Monticello, AR Cassidy recent graduate- lifetime learner - Tutor near Monticello, AR 9030585

I am a recent college graduate with a passion to teach at the collegiate level. I am currently saving up for my masters degree, but in the mean time I want to use my skills and knowledge to help others! I have experience in teaching at a college level,...

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Rebecca T. from Monticello, AR K-12 English Master - Tutor near Monticello, AR 8891933

My purpose in life is to help kids succeed in life by learning to love reading and writing. I am an English teacher, and I love it! I have two beautiful children of my own, but I consider all of my students my kids. I've found that developing a relationship...

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Suzy N. from Pickens, AR Gifted and Talented, Social Studies, Elementary Skills - Tutor near Pickens, AR 8990880

I have taught various ages and grades in my educational career. I am currently a certified teacher in Gifted and Talented Education Grades k-12, Social Studies Grades 5-8, and Elementary Grades 1-6. I have been teaching for 25 years in public and private...

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Marcia T. from El Dorado, AR I currently teach computer skills with Experience Works, Inc. - Tutor near El Dorado, AR 7637861

I currently reside in Arkansas, however, growing up in California gave me the opportunity to learn a variety of priceless lessons, of which I learned to overcome many challenges. Returning to school to receive a degree is part of my continued professional...

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Alexandra M. from El Dorado, AR College tutor for math or English - Tutor near El Dorado, AR 8784804

While attending college I tutored other students in Math, English, and Psychology. I helped three students pass their classes and test 2 grade levels higher!

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